Looking forward to graduating with Howard Junior School

Tomorrow we’re off to the UEA for the graduation ceremonies at the Children’s University to take photos of  pupils from Howard Junior School.  This will be the 5th year that we’ve covered the event for the school and is part of an on going relationship that we have with them to provide photography and inspirational boards.  This year will be particularly hectic as the school has 100 pupils graduating and during the ceremony time is of the essence.

Those of you on Twitter may have come across Howard Junior as they are always tweeting about their truly inspirational and innovative approach to learning.  Their school is also great fun, with their Head Greg Hill who is quite happy to muck in with fancy dress, wigs and flash mob dances all in the name of learning!

Howard Junior CU 2009 Howard Junior CU 2011 Howard Junior CU 2012 Howard Junior CU 2013 Howard Junior CU 2014


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